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RBI Brussels Day 2023

RBI Brüssel Tag 2023

In Brussels, on October 24, Raiffeisen Bank International Group hosted an event that was dedicated to dialogue and collaboration. The focal point of the day was the CEOs of RBI network banks coming together with EU stakeholders for a series of bilateral exchanges of views, followed by RBI's CEE Parliamentary Dinner at Bibliothèque Solvay. The occasion not only highlighted the importance of partnership but also allowed for insightful discussions about pressing issues in the region.

Bilateral Meetings

The day was packed with purposeful interactions. Johann Strobl, RBI's CEO, as well as CEOs of the network banks, including Christian Canacaris from Raiffeisen Bank Albania, Anita Kovacic from Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo, Zoran Petrovic from Raiffeisen Serbia, Rainer Schnabl from Raiffeisen Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liana Keserić from Raiffeisenbank Croatia, Igor Vida from Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic, Györgi Zolnai from Raiffeisen Bank Hungary, Oleksandr Pysaruk from Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine, and Michal Liday from Tatra banka, held numerous bilateral meetings with relevant stakeholders. 

These meetings delved into crucial issues, including the reconstruction of Ukraine, EU enlargement towards the Western Balkans, and the Digital Euro.

 The RBI CEE Parliamentary Dinner

Raiffeisen Bank International's CEO, Dr. Johann Strobl, and Othmar Karas, First Vice-President of the European Parliament, jointly extended a warm invitation to opinion leaders of European institutions and CEOs of RBI-Group for the RBI CEE Parliamentary Dinner. This evening, held at the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels, was set to create a platform for dialogue and collaboration.

The evening commenced with a thought-provoking keynote speech by Mr. Luuk van Middelaar, Founder of the Brussels Institute for Geopolitics. Mr. Middelaar shed light on the significant  role that geopolitics plays in shaping the future of the European Union. He emphasized that EU enlargement is not merely a policy narrative but a geostrategic imperative that will define the course of Europe in the coming years.

 Othmar Karas, in his speech, reminded the audience of the fundamental principle that "Europe is all of us." He stressed the importance of unity and shared responsibility in the European project, emphasizing that collective efforts were the driving force behind the success of the EU.

Johann Strobl, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank International, echoed the sentiments of unity and diversity. He called for a Europe that is diverse yet interconnected, emphasizing that it is the richness of our differences that makes the European Union an entity on the global stage.

Continued Collaboration in the Heart of the European Union

As RBI Group, the commitment to the European project remains unwavering. The "Brussels Day" served as a reminder of the necessity of unity and dialogue in addressing the challenges facing the European Union. The event underscored the profound impact that collective efforts can have in shaping the future of Europe and the prosperity of its citizens.

 In conclusion, RBI Group would like to thank all those who attended and contributed to this exceptional day. The insights shared and the commitment to a diverse and interconnected Europe are all signs of a brighter future for the European Union, reaffirming its status as a global powerhouse of cooperation and collaboration.