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08.10.2021 – Forged Crisis: European Economy Rebuilt Better: GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2021

Paul Pasquali

At the GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2021, Paul Pasquali, RBI Group´s Executive Director for European and Public Affairs, attended the opening panel discussion: “Forged in crisis: European economy rebuilt better”, together with Eduard Heger, Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Mathias Cormann, Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and Alexander Resch, President of the Slovak Banking Association and CEO of VÚB Bank.

Paul Pasquali drew attention to the current situation of underinvestment in areas such as sustainability or digitalization, which has negative long-term effects on the economy. To tackle these issues, a joint public-private effort is needed to direct capital flows in the abovementioned sectors and enhance private investments there. Considering banks as an important part of the economy is even more true in CEE, where large parts of the economy are financed by banks, not the capital markets – therefore banks being a key factor in the green and digital transition. The green transition must not neglect the needs of the people/socio-economic challenges, in order to keep their support for these fundamental changes. The challenges we will face need a strong European Union and focus of resources and attention to the most important fields of policy.

Please click the link to watch the event: #TatraSummit2021: Forged in Crisis: European Economy Rebuilt Better - YouTube